Friends of the Sierra Madre Library Celebrate Banner Year

Friends of the Sierra Madre Library Celebrate Banner Year

Friends of the Sierra Madre Library celebrated another successful year on June 19. The Hawaiian themed dinner held at the United Methodist Church was attended by over 90 community members of “The Friends of Sierra Madre Library,” including board members, trustees, volunteers and guests.

President Pat Alcorn welcomed participants, made introductions and expressed her gratitude to all the many volunteers who make the library such a center of the community. She recounted the over 4,000 hours of volunteering given to the Sierra Madre Library during the course of this year! Quite a tribute to our community and Library Friends!

Sierra Madre Library has more than just books on its shelves. It also offers the community with interesting guest speakers, musical performances, preschool and infant programs, educational activities and access to technology… name just a few activities and benefits.

This year, as in the past, the outstanding contributions from volunteers, community businesses, and organizations was evident in the success of the many fundraising events held.

The bimonthly Used Book Sales event exceeded expectations and should be inching its mark to raising over $20,000–now that is an unbelievable number of books donated and sold to a substantial number of library visitors. The Annual Wine Tasting event raised $23,000 and the Community Art Fair added over $18,000 to the support of our library and its programs. It can easily be understood why the many volunteers are appreciated and needed to continue this level of fund raising!

Margret Quigley, Director of Board Development, honored departing board members: Sue Hart, Alan Leahy and Sandra Dickey for their years of outstanding service to the Friends of the Library. She also introduced new Board Members, Directors at Large, Francis Smith, Pete Siberell and Lynsey Plume. She expressed her great expectations for the continuing success of the Library programs during the coming year!

Anyone interested in joining the Friends of the Sierra Madre Library, please visit the website: or call 626-355-7186

Source Sierra Madre Weekly