No Blood for Lithium, either!

Today as I was at yahoo signing into my email there was a story. “Massive Mineral Found in Afghanistan”. Hmmmmm. Minerals? The story said yes, there was gold, a lot of pure virginal Iron (the kind best for making Nicad batteries with) , copper, Oh ho hum and  HEY SAY WHAT? LITHIUM!!!! Oh my gosh! Holy Connect the Dots of this Illogical War, Batman! I can see the puzzle -NOW!

Like many a fellow Leftist, I’ve been trying to figure out “Why are we really in Afghanistan?” That stuff about freeing Moslem women was a good laugh. I mean please! Why then, not twenty other countries, or say Somalia? Looking for Osama Bin Ladin? Why look in Afghanistan? We’ve known he was in Pakistan for at least six years. A pipeline to get oil from the Stans? Nah, none of it is coming our way, it’s all spoken for. None of the “official” reasons made sense, there had to be something else. Well there it is folks BLOOD FOR THE “AL GORE” “CLEAN ENERGY” economy. Killing American men and women in order to control for international corporations a future economy that is as yet unproven. Maybe no one will notice while the press is over hyping the BP oil gusher.

These Economic Royalists as Franklin Roosevelt called them, these oligarchs are spending the blood, treasure and good will of the American People for their own benefit. The huge costs of maintaining this world wide military and deploying it, in order to keep the price of raw materials down for the corporations , is no deal for the taxpayer. The American Citizen pays more than he would if all the energy companies and heir oligarch shareholders paid the fair price to the locals. Both we and the people who are enslaved by the puppet governments owned by the international corporations have become these oligarchs slaves through the concentration of energy companies into the hands of the few. BP and Shell for example are owned in the main by European  and Middle Eastern Royal families. Other “American ” Oil Companies are oddly enough, owned or controlled by offspring of their bastard children. America’s hidden royal families if you will. The New York 400 of old.

Sadly, there will be few if any other “liberals” outraged about BLOOD FOR LITHIUM. They have a religious illogical hatred of oil and a equally religious and illogical love of any energy source not oil. they worship the Prius and have no idea how dirty and environmentally harmful its manufacture is. They want a all electric lithium battery powered car cause that’s the fastest longest range, sexiest, and oh yeah the car of the future most dependent on patients owned by those Royal familes and New York 400.

So now, Young Americans are to be sent to the Middle East and other hell holes around the world to suffer bleed and die to help prop up horrible dictators and despots, not for oil but for lithium. To the dead or wounded soldier, to the oppressed third world citizen does it really make a difference? In terms of our own morality as a People, is there a difference? No there is not.There is a difference in what particular royals, and what group of their bastards come out on top and what group loses relative power and standing. There is no gain in this game for the American People.

Make no mistake our military is being deployed round the world to steal from other people so that a few can profit.  This is a sin. It is evil. It is a cancer that eats away at our society.

It is also counterpoductive. As a people we could just buy the raw materials and NOT deploy this world wide military.