City of Pasadena Takes One Truck Company Out of Service Due To Budget Deficit

The City of Pasadena announced earlier this week that Pasadena Fire Department’s Truck #32 will be taken out of service in an ongoing effort to close the City of Pasadena’s budget gap. The four-person truck, based out of Station 32 on East Villa St., will be taken out of service for the remainder of the city’s fiscal year 2010 and for 160 days in fiscal year 2011.

According to Fire Chief Dennis Downs, the Pasadena Fire Department had to reduce expenses to the point where public impact is unavoidable. “After discussing several alternatives and scenarios with city management, fire administrative staff and labor groups, it was mutually agreed that a temporary ‘brown-out’ of a truck company would have the least impact to the public and firefighters,” Downs said in a statement earlier this week.

The city estimates that the move will save $125,000 for the remainder of the current fiscal year and $725,000 in fiscal year 2011, which begins July 1st. However, the “brown-out” of Truck 32 also comes after the Pasadena Fire Department, as well as other city departments, continue to make budget cuts and require some employees to work reduced hours. The Fire Department will also leave vacant management positions unfilled to achieve $200,000 in savings in fiscal year 2011.

The city also adds that the “brown out” will be evaluated and may be suspended during high-risk periods, such as Red Flag Warning days and during heavy rains and that department response call times and other service measurements will be monitored closely and evaluated to minimize service impacts to the community.

Photo courtesy Pasadena Fire Department/Jamie Nicholson.