Rep. Schiff: President Should Seek Authorization from Congress for Continued Use of Force in Iraq or Syria

Published in the Pasadena Independent

Photo by Terry Miller - Beacon Media News

File photo by Terry Miller – Beacon Media News

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), a senior Member of the Intelligence Committee and author of legislation to sunset the post-9/11 authorization for use of military force, released the following statement:

“The threat posed ISIS is very real and must be confronted. The President was right to act in Iraq last month to protect American personnel, prevent a humanitarian crisis, and push back jihadists from continuing their campaign of mass slaughter. However, if the President intends to prolong the military campaign in Iraq or extend it into Syria, he needs to make the case directly to the American people and secure authorization from Congress.

“All Americans are repulsed and enraged by the gruesome murders of two American journalists and the horrors committed by ISIS against the people of Iraq and Syria. As the President outlines his strategy to degrade and ultimately defeat ISIS – a plan he acknowledges will take years – Congress must carefully consider what it is being asked to approve regarding a military campaign that will extend from this Presidency to the next.

“The Constitution gives Congress the responsibility to declare war, even while investing in the President the power to wage war once declared and to take limited other actions in defense of the country. Since the actions contemplated by the President go well beyond the immediate imperative of protecting Americans at risk, Congress is required to act.”

Source Beacon Media News