Letter to the Editor: National Monument Event ‘Gobbledygook’

By Michael Lucas, Special for the Arcadia Weekly

Dear Editor:

Here’s a hat-tip to the Weekly and Mr. Miller for the Oct. 23 article about the actions of Congresswoman Chu and President Obama to re-designate nearby federal land from one thing to something else.

The article still left unanswered questions about the future of the Angeles National Forest, but it outlined key issues that remain to be clarified.

When the president signed a document on Oct. 10 while Congresswoman Chu beamed proudly over his shoulder, I carefully read all the available news coverage, but was left scratching my head wondering what exactly had happened.

Now I feel vindicated. Apparently I was not the only one who thought that the official pronouncements about the event amounted to gobbledygook.

I put it to our local leaders to explain exactly which land is covered by the re-designation, what uses are affected, who will administer things and, as Mr. Miller put it so succinctly, “how much will it cost?”

One more point: I also want to thank the Weekly for pointing out that President Obama and Congresswoman Chu are obviously big fans of one another. I hope this will inform a lot of voters about whether she or her opponent, Mr. Orswell, would be the better person to represent us in Washington. It certainly did the trick for me.

Michael Lucas

Featured image from Judy Chu’s website.

Source Beacon Media News