Letter to the Editor: National Monument for Whom?

By Glen Owens, Special for the Arcadia Weekly

San Gabriel National Monument. - Photo from http://chu.house.gov/.

San Gabriel National Monument. – Photo from http://chu.house.gov/.

Dear Editor:

There is an old saying, “In a free society the people deserve the government that they have.” There is another saying, “America is a country of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

This is what bothers me about the National Monument designation for the San Gabriels. “By the people” makes me wonder who showed us maps before the designation and what it would look like after the designation. In short, where was the meaningful education so the people could express well-informed judgment?

Lastly,” For the people.” About 90 % of the forest use is in the front country. People like to walk along streams and stream canopies. Most of the forest area like Arroyo Seco, Eaton Canyon, Little Santa Anita canyon, and Big Santa Anita canyon and Sawpit canyon are not included in the Monument.

The way I see it, politicians sold us a Monument status to an area little used by the public. In the 1960′s the Forest Service developed a High Country Plan. Hopefully to move front country users to other areas of the forest. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. God bless our politicians who think they know more than the public. Who are they representing?

Glen Owens

Source Beacon Media News