Letter to the Editor: Mail Theft on Rise in Arcadia

Published in the Arcadia Weekly

Dear Editor:

Looks like there is a recent problem with mail theft in Arcadia. My son lives on La Sierra just West of Santa Anita and on Monday of this week someone opened mail boxes and grabbed packages from porches (including one for my son) along that stretch of La Sierra and other streets to the South.

Whomever it is was on foot because after he opened my son’s package and saw it was of little value it was left at another home at the end of the block. That homeowner returned it today but asked my son if he had seen his package which was missing.

My son talked to the postman and the post office and they suggested filing a police report. The postman noted that he had seen an unusual number of open curb-side mail boxes along his route that day.

I figure if there is a real and recent problem with mail theft in Arcadia it might be more effective to warn the public by with a story in the Arcadia Weekly.

Curtis Tucker

Editor’s Response:

We contacted the Arcadia Police Dept. and this is what we were told. So please, do report this to the PD.

“While there has not been a spike in package theft cases in Arcadia, there has been an overall increase across the San Gabriel Valley. With the holiday season upon us and people purchasing more items online, this trend will continue as it has for the past few years. If you can contact the sender of the letter, please let them know that reporting the incident is the right thing to do. Not only does it document the specific incident and help me identify any trending activity, it also acts as a piece to the puzzle if we can identify a specific MO and suspect..”

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