Letter to the Editor: What’s the Answer?

By Sierra Madre Watchman, Special for the Sierra Madre Weekly

Sierra Madre City Hall. - Courtey Photo.

Sierra Madre City Hall. – Courtey Photo.

The recent meeting of the Sierra Madre City Council raised more questions than it provided answers! To begin with, three key department directors have resigned – the Finance, Development, and Recreation. The question is, why?

In the motion picture industry, if there is a rash of accidents during the making of a picture, the director knows to look for the actor or actress that has their nose too high in the air! In the business world, it is commonly known that good workers will not work with bad workers. If they were bad directors, then no great loss. If these were good employees, then who are the bad supervisors that they needed to report to? What’s your answer?

The City Council again delayed the opening of the City Hall doors during the morning hours at the request of the City Manager. She stated that there was too much work that needed to be done, so she required postponing the opening until January 2, 2015. There was no guarantee that the work would be done by that time. Everything that the government turns their hand to seems to take forever to complete.

The simple act to open the doors of City Hall for the morning hours triggered a complete reorganization of every department of the city and a complete update of the salaries and benefits of every employee. Does the opening of the doors again, as was the case from the beginning, really need all of this? What’s your answer?

The General Plan update has gone on for over five years and is projected to take at least another two more years. Is all this time and financial expense really necessary? What’s your answer?

The building moratorium only affects the Stonehouse sub-division of thirteen lots that do not have water meters. Is it really that large an impact on our water supply since the first home would not be completed for at least two years? What’s your answer?

The Water Conservation Plan is also another two-year project with a list of over 40 new restrictions on homeowners. Are all of these regulations necessary? Will we ever receive rain? Will they ever maintain the water system? What’s your answer?

If the total income of the City is less than$10M into the General Fund, then where does the additional money come from in order to spend more than $20M? What’s your answer?

Is the task too great for the staff to do? Is there simply too much work to be done or is the staff unable to do the job? What’s your answer?
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Sierra Madre Watchman

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