Letter to the Editor: The Planning Commission

By Sierra Madre Watchman, Special for the Sierra Madre Weekly

Sierra Madre City Hall. – Courtesy photo from http://www.cityofsierramadre.com/planning-commission.

Sierra Madre City Hall. – Courtesy photo from http://www.cityofsierramadre.com/planning-commission.

Once again the Sierra Madre Planning Commission met in regular session. This time, they spent more than three hours on the process of amending the work of the General Plan committee, which had already spent four years to produce the update of the General Plan. The first question is why and what for?

Is it in order to do this so that the Development Director and the City Attorney can keep their job, and what is the cost?

The Commission offered more and more regulations into the Plan update, which correctly belong into the Codes and Ordinances, and have little or nothing to do with the Plan update.

The longer the meeting went, the more it deteriorated to where they wanted to lower the over the 4,000 sq. ft. level entry point for needing the approval of the Commission in order to build a new home in the City. All this was is a move to restrict the size of the homes that the property owners want to build. The Commission continues to reject every plan and tell the applicant that their design has too much mass and will use too much water. They already have knowledge that the people are applying for permits that they receive over the counter at the Building Department.

They injected into the wordage of the update Plan a number of so-called water conservation ideas, which have little or nothing to do with this document. It further deteriorated when one commissioner wanted to have a city inspection of every existing home upon sale, and requiring that the seller install all these conservation measures according to the latest code. Please sir, take the gun out of your hand.
All of the discussion was designed to put more obstacles and costs for the construction of any new building.

Not once did the Chairman, Development Director or City Attorney speak up or say that this is not within the purview of this Commission.

When will the Planning Commission adopt a positive attitude and allow new homes to be built at the Carter tract? The City settled with the litigation of the former owners by agreeing to allow homes to be built. Do they really want the present owner to bring forward a lawsuit in order to obtain approval? We would hope that cooler heads will prevail.

Sierra Madre Watchman

Source Beacon Media News