Emergency Crews Rescue Eaton Canyon Hikers

Authorities at the Altadena Sheriff’s Station report that Firefighters and Paramedics have rescued 9 teens out of Eaton Canyon.  One of the teens was a 19 year old El Monte man who was hurt and airlifted after he fell into a waterfall about one and a half miles past the Eaton Canyon Bridge.

The 9 Korean-speaking teens were all between 15 and 19 years old.  Authorities say they started their hike at noon Wednesday, but didn’t take any hiking supplies or flashlights.

Altadena Sheriff’s Search and Recuse deputies found another member of the group who lost his way above the waterfall when darkness fell.  The Sheriff’s Air-5 Pilot who ultimately airlifted the injured hiker says emergency crews flew into Eaton Canyon just before dark, and that they turned on every exterior light on the chopper and descended below the canyon walls as they searched for the injured hiker.  Once they found him a deputy paramedic was sent down using a rescue hoist.  The deputy battled the noise and wind from the chopper 80 feet above to find and assess the victim, then put him in a basket called a rescue litter.  Crews then hoisted the hurt hiker and the medic up into the helicopter, which had to avoid high tension wires as it flew out of the canyon.