Letter to the Editor: Regarding the Huntington Hospital Rally

By Geneviève M. Clavreul, Special for the Pasadena Independent

Dear Editor:

Registered Nurses at Huntington Hospital Voice serious concerns at Rally Thursday. - Courtesy Photo.

Registered Nurses at Huntington Hospital during a rally last week. – Archived Photo.

According to the CNA, this was a rally to “restore quality patient care” at Huntington. Their unspoken message being Huntington Hospital somehow provides substandard care, because in order to restore something must be lacking; and I’m sure that reasonable people would argue that Huntington provides quality care.

If our opinions aren’t sufficient than perhaps the results from the Joint Commission and other hospital assessment agencies (including that of the State of California) that consistently give Huntington high marks on its care should suffice.

This nurse thinks that your readers should know that it was the CNA that successfully defeated legislation that would’ve require all healthcare workers that had direct patient contact to either receive a flu shot or wear a mask during flu season.

The CDC estimates that over the past 30 years as few as 3,000 people to as high as about 49,000 people die each year from the flu or complication of the flu compare to 1 person dead from Ebola (having acquired the disease while in Africa).

So the CNA sees no urgency in mandating the flu vaccine or simple precautions such as wearing a mask to minimize transmission of the flu, but demands personal protection equipment (PPE) extensive training for all nurses. This nurse wonders where the CNA’s real priorities are in all this. Oh, that’s right–whatever garners them the most press and additional members!

Geneviève M. Clavreul, RN, Ph.D.

Source Beacon Media News