Letter to the Editor: Obama Is No F.D.R.

By C. Jenson, Special for the Pasadena Independent


The President says unemployment is down. Tell that to some young woman looking for a job and there are 50 to 70 other applicants for the same job!

Also, Warner Bros. is laying off 1,000 workers.

We need infrastructure first. Look at the water pipes that have burst wasting hundreds of gallons of water in this drought!

Obama keeps mentioning finding “common ground.” It does not work. He has to make “deals” like Lyndon Johnson did to get Medicare through. He has to be a “politician” to get things done-make trades.

F.D.R. knew how to do it and he was calm, knew how to talk to the people and was also shrewd. A president has to be clever. He got this country through the depression and vanquished Hitler. Obama seems very likeable but weak.

-C. Jenson
Temple City

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Source Beacon Media News