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IMTC – International Media Training Center

Crown City Network’s International Media Training Center provides on-camera and behind-the-scenes training for anyone interested in TV News and Production.  We train kids, youth and adults.  You receive training from world-class Broadcast professionals with many years of industry experience.  We’ve worked for Broadcast network affiliates throughout the United States, and we have trained people internationally and domestically, launching many into their dream TV careers.  Scroll down to see what we can do for you.  Click here to see upcoming events, including media training opportunities and consultation services for U.S. political candidates, and training for C-Suite Executives and PR reps to handle their firm’s crisis situations.

Broadcast Journalism Training

The International Media Training Center gives Aspiring Broadcast Journalists anywhere in the world the tools they need to become Professional Broadcast Journalists.   We also provide a place for those already in the industry to polish their skills and help increase their station’s ratings. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you CAN be the TV News Reporter you’ve always wanted to be.  We provide you the exposure and real-world reporting experience necessary to put you head and shoulders above your competition.  Our training method is simple: Learn by Doing.  Take a look at our services and contact us for sessions and rates.

Here are a few of our success stories.

If TV News is your passion, contact us at 626-344-8314 or imtc @ and we will help you pursue that passion and gain the skills you need to break into or move to the next level of your dream career.  Don’t wait.

Virtual MMJ Training with an MMJ Expert

For those on a tight budget, you can get face to face online training once a week with a Multimedia Journalism Expert for 15, 30, or 60 minutes.  Use the gear you have or even your cell phone to learn how to become a polished, professional broadcast journalist.  You’ll learn:  intros and tags, story formats, framing, lighting, audio, vocal delivery, writing, proper interview techniques, and so much more.  Just choose the amount of time you want to spend with an expert MMJ trainer, make your first month’s payment and we can get started with your weekly trainings.  You can pay month to month, and cancel anytime.   Here’s our monthly rates.

“News Makers” TV News Training for Schools and Libraries

If your school or library would like to teach junior high and high school students TV News, we have a terrific program that teaches kids to be reporters, producers, directors, videographers, anchors and more!  The News Makers TV News Training Program provides a wonderful opportunity to train students how to do TV News.  This is a terrific use of CTEIG funds, fulfills Indicators of the High-Quality CTE Program and falls under the Arts, Media, and Entertainment and Information and Communication Technologies Career Pathways.  The program gives students skills they can use in any newsroom in the world if they decide to pursue Broadcast Journalism as a career.  It’s a fun program and teaches invaluable life skills including proper communication, self-confidence, asking the right questions and so much more.  Some of the skills they’ll learn include:

1) TV News Reporting
2) TV News Writing & Producing
3) Videography
4) Video Editing
5) On-Camera Vocal Delivery
6) Professional Dress and Makeup for TV News
7) Proper Interview Technique
8) And More!

The shows and stories the students create also provide powerful promotional tools for the school or library.  Students can include this experience on their resumes which will look great for college applications. Then, if they decide to pursue a career in Broadcast Journalism, they’ll be head and shoulders above their competition!  Contact us for rates by calling 626-344-8314 or e-mail imtc @

IMTC Pro-Kids: TV Story-Telling After-School and Summer School Program

IMTC offers various training programs for kids ages 8 to 18.  Kids learn how to tell real TV stories individually or in groups in our studio or at school campuses.  Parents and teachers can attend an orientation at our studio in West Covina to learn more.  Call 626-344-8314 or e-mail imtc @ to schedule your training session or orientation.

Here’s a look at some of our stars!

Beau on Set Yellow  Ashton on Set 2 Beau in the Field Sharp

Ashton in the Field

Your Little Star will look and sound just like a TV News Reporter!

For 4 weeks, your child will tell different stories about his or her life, including pets, family, school, or vacations.  Their stories will include their favorite pictures and videos you bring, e-mail or link to us.  Then we’ll edit it, and upload it the Crown City Network website and social networks.  We’ll also e-mail you the full resolution copy that you can post anywhere you’d like.   In 4 weeks your child will be an excellent TV story-teller and you’ll have a great way to share with family and friends what they’re up to.

This fun program is crafted around your child’s age range.  Call 626-344-8314 or e-mail imtc @ to sign up and get started!