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Crown City Network shows run on Broadcast TV & Online

Crown City News brings you national news from a local perspective. We cover hard news, human interest, features, financial, business, entertainment, tech news and more. Catch up on news and events going on in the world around you with Crown City News. Watch our latest episodes right here on and on our CCN social networks.

Crown City News

CCN Sunrise is Crown City Network’s morning talk show featuring the smart, fun and funny Mary Winners and Derrick Chevalier. This dynamic duo interviews people from all walks of life with great stories to tell. Your day is bound to turn out great when you start with it with CCN Sunrise! Watch past episodes right here on and on our CCN social media sites.

CCN Sunrise

Los Angeles radio celebrity Josefa Salinas debuts her new Crown City Network TV show, introducing a different side to some of your favorite celebrities with thought-provoking, tear-jerking interviews. Watch The Josefa Salinas Show on through KVMD, Channel 31 in the Los Angeles TV Market Thursday mornings at 6am March 7th through May 30th.

The Josefa Salinas Show

Smart Money host Emmy Hernandez is here to help with all of your financial needs. Watch as she helps you navigate your way through tax changes, plan out your retirement, and get you prepared for future expenses.

Smart Money with Emmy Hernandez

Hey you Sugar Addicts! It’s time to get your health under control. Marsha Allen, also known as the Sugar Witch, is here to help. Her 60-day program can arm you in the battle against diabetes and obesity. Watch as she hosts Sugar Addicts on Crown City Network giving you delicious, tantalizing alternatives to sugar and those other unhealthy ingredients in the foods you eat today.

Sugar Addicts