Right vs. Left: Judy Chu Misses the Mark on Iran Nuclear Deal


By Andrew Miller

Andrew is a columnist and copywriter with a B.A. in History from Azusa Pacific University. Based in Pasadena, CA, Andrew has worked and/or written for several political campaigns at both the national and local level across three states. He is the Founder and Editor of smallgovreport.com. Andrew is also a Contributor at YoungCons.com. Follow him on twitter @andymarkmiller @smallgovreport



The congresswoman like many of her peers probably has very good intentions with her support of the Iran Deal but like her peers, she is very wrong about her analysis of the contents of the deal.  Chu completely misses the mark on three very important aspects of this agreement.  Her response posted earlier here on Crown City News, was nothing more than Democrat talking points and lacked any substantial explanation of how the deal is going to be enforced.  This is probably because all signs indicate it won’t be.

The congresswoman completely glossed over the biggest problem with this deal which is that the sanctions imposed on Iran will be removed without any kind of verification that they abide by the deal.  This represents 150 billion dollars that will be pumped back into the Iranian economy which will almost definitely be used to continue funding terrorist groups. The White House pretends this is something they can stop, but that’s just not the case.  Also, if it turns out they do violate the deal, which they are almost certain to do, Iran gets to keep that money and it will not be automatically revoked.  So they really have nothing to lose.

Make no mistake, Iran is the largest state sponsor of terror in the world, constantly funneling money to organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah and many more.  The sanctions currently in place have done a fantastic job of strangling the Iranian economy.  Removing the sanctions and allowing the economy to prosper, now gives the Iranians the economic means to fund their nuclear program.  This deal hinges upon their word which has been proven time and time again to not be enough.

Secondly, this so called deal doesn’t require Iran to abide by United Nations sanctions.  In the time since the deal was announced, the Iranians have already gone on record claiming they plan to violate the United Nations sanctions that have been placed on them to restrict their acquisition of ballistic missiles.  On top of that, the previously mentioned sanctions that are going to be lifted by this deal, involve restrictions on top Iranian General Soleimani.  The general, known as the “Shadow Commander”, has already flown to Russia to meet with Russian officials, violating the travel ban that U.S. sanctions had imposed on him. Every chance the Iranians have had to prove they can be trusted, they have rebuffed America. In fact, a top Iranian official came out just last week and re-iterated that America is still Iran’s number one enemy.  This is the regime we trust to abide by what is essentially a hand shake deal?

Thirdly, the way these so called sanctions are going to be enforced is laughable. First of all, the Obama administration promised months ago that Iran would be forced to undergo “anywhere, anytime” inspections.  John Kerry, the person who negotiated this deal, recently came out and said he had never heard that before and didn’t even know what that was.  A blatant lie.  The deal requires that Iran is notified 24 days before inspections are to take place and the Wall Street Journal has reported that the time frame could actually last up to 3 months before inspectors are let into nuclear sites after notifying Iran.  It gets worse, the infamous Parchin nuclear site where many believe the brunt of Iran’s nuclear program is taking place, has been allowed by a secret “side deal” between Iran and the United States to self-inspect the site.  This basically boils down to the honor system, implemented with a country that has shown time and time again they have little to no honor when it comes to the United States.

Aside from those 3 points, Chu missed a huge opportunity to separate herself from the divisive and inappropriate comments made by Democratic leaders in Washington, the president especially. The President of the United States went on the record and said that Republicans who don’t support the deal for many legitimate reasons that aren’t limited to the ones I have outlined, are no different than the hardliners in Iran that chant “Death to America”.  This was a shameful comparison that Chu should have denounced.  She didn’t.  Because Congresswoman Chu represents what is wrong with Washington and is there to go along to get along with whatever the Obama administration says.

President Obama threatened Syria with military action if they used chemical weapons against their own people. They used them. We did nothing.  Yet somehow, Iran is supposed to fear retribution if they step out of line?

There are many more reasons to oppose this deal.  Including the fact that we currently have 4 American hostages being falsely imprisoned in Iran who appear to not have been included in this deal.  That in and of itself is inexcusable.

A poll came out this week that says only 21% of the country supports this deal.  That puts the congresswoman out of tune with 80% of the country which is hardly solid footing.

President Reagan once famously walked away from Gorbachev at the negotiating table in Iceland claiming that “No deal was better than a bad deal.”

Unfortunately, we have not seen that kind of leadership from the Obama administration who clearly accepted a bad deal rather than face the embarrassment of coming away without one.