You’re Free Now


It seems that many members of the media, congress, and the judiciary lived in fear during the Obama administration and some still continue to do so.  We’ve learned that the previous president’s former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had mainstream pundits on her payroll, and possibly some “journalists” colluding with her team, with many even donating to her campaign.

With so many websites and interviews of eyewitnesses available on the Internet of alleged Clinton crimes dating back to Bill Clinton’s governorship in Arkansas, it’s easy to see why some journalists decided not to fight the political machine.  After all, why rock the boat when you can get easy access to power, maybe make some additional cash, and enjoy all the perks that come with rubbing shoulders with the people in charge? To some that sure beats the character assassinations, the bullying, threats and worse that could come with making waves against these powerful elites who have already been seated at the pinnacles of power.

No doubt that weighed and continues to weigh heavily on the minds of some of these members of the media, congress and the judiciary who maybe never intended to get in so deep with the Clintons.  Maybe some of them thought they’d do this one thing, and then it would be over.  The problem is that the first time they did anything even a little bit shady, they were compromised with evidence that could easily be used against them.

So let’s think about this.  We have numerous members of the media who often, by their own choosing have to do and say whatever they’re told.  We have many members of congress listed as corrupt by government ethics and watchdog groups, including some very close to the Clintons.  I don’t think it’s a stretch to imagine many backroom dealings made or implied threats to senators and representatives to “fall in line, or there will be consequences.”  Then when you look at very odd, out of character actions by people in the judiciary, the most high profile being Chief Justice John Robert’s vote on Obamacare, you can’t help but think that a lot of what we see playing out in the media is happening through people who are bought, blackmailed, or in total bondage.

I’m surprised I haven’t heard anyone out there say this yet, so I will:  Those of you who were under Obama and Clinton’s thumbs: You’re free now.  Under a Donald Trump administration you’re free.  You don’t have to do your masters’ bidding anymore.  They no longer have power, and they’re fast running out of influence.  They no longer have access to billions and trillions of taxpayer funds that they can spend on anything they want virtually unimpeded, including possibly buying you off.  Face it.  No amount of money or access is worthwhile, if you have to keep looking over your shoulder should you decide at some point to walk away from it all.

You’re free now because the man in charge came into office a billionaire who has no need to hoard and stash away money from government coffers.  You’re free by virtue of the fact that you are able day in and day out to rail against this president with no sense of dread, and no handlers, employers or donors are pulling you into closed-door meetings to make sure you apologize on the record or “walk back” what you said.  You’re free because no matter what you say about this president, there’s no thought in your minds that you may be executed or “suicided” in a few days or weeks.  You’re free because of the simple fact that this president thrashes you and slams you every day on social media, at rallies and during press conferences… in the light of day, open and transparent for the whole world to see!  He’s not taking you into a dark room in the White House and making threats against you.  He’s not sending shadowy characters to tell you it’d be a shame if something happened to your beautiful wife and daughter.  He’s bashing you out in the open.  Folks, believe it or not, that is freedom for you!  You’re free.

Remember how worried you were that with a Donald Trump presidency we would end up in a totalitarian or authoritarian kind of government?  Well guess what?  A couple of courts have blocked some of his measures – which he had every right given to presidents for decades to enact, by the way – and his administration has abided by the courts’ rulings.  And guess what?  Congress stood up against him and defeated him within his first 100 days.  Is that the mark of a totalitarian regime?  No.  It’s the mark of a president who respects the process and the rule of law.  And with that comes freedom for all citizens.

In looking back, we can see many signs that showed former President Obama was the authoritarian.  And that Hillary Clinton was indeed the “Crooked Hillary” candidate Trump dubbed her to be.  It was the Obama administration that seized the phone records of the Associated Press and that may have hacked CBS’s Sheryl Atkisson’s computer, spied on Fox News reporter Jim Rosen, and bugged the phones of governments all over the world.  This is no conspiracy theory.  These are all absolute facts.  All of those actions are not only Nixonian, but should have brought down the Democrat president especially since his actions far outweighed those of the Republican president who resigned.

And what about Hillary Clinton?  It seems pretty obvious she may have sold influence of the office of Secretary of State, that she deleted classified emails from a private server, that she had computers, laptops and other devices smashed with hammers after receiving a congressional subpoena, and that on her watch American people died in Benghazi, Libya, and the list goes on and on and on.

None of that seems very open or transparent.  In fact it sounds like lots of crimes happened during the Obama Administration and in the Secretary of State’s office.  Yet no one has ever really had to answer for them.  Yet the new president brawls out in the open, goes toe to toe with the intelligence community and a corrupt media whose members have admitted to colluding with the Clinton campaign, he stares his foes in the face in broad daylight and says “Bring it on.”  He goes to congress and calls out by name the people he has problems with and goes golfing with those he thinks he can work with.  There’s no hiding in the dark, there’s no secret enemies list, he boldly names his antagonists. Whether you love his willingness to fight, or wish he had a more subtle style, he talks plainly, and lets you know exactly where he stands.   That, my friends, is what freedom looks like.  Embrace it, cut yourselves free from your puppet strings and start doing your jobs properly.  You’re free now.