Why Do Black Women Become the Face of Democrat Scandals?


Alleged comedian Bill Maher’s use of the “n” word proves the point about the double standards of the liberal and progressive left when it comes to race.    The narrative in politics has been for decades that Republicans are racist and Democrats care about people of color.  They’ll shun anyone on the right who dares use such a word, call them racist and demand their lives be destroyed, but if people on the left use it, no real repercussions.  And whenever scandal is afoot, and could topple the powerful, women and people of color seem to become the fall guys for the left.  Suddenly, it’s their faces we see during the discussions on TV or their names that crop up in articles about alleged wrongdoing.  That’s not really practicing what the left preaches.  Here are a few examples:


Susan Rice, Former National Security Advisor, Obama Administration

    1. Susan Rice – In order to do damage control of “unmasking gate” Democrats have put a Black woman front and center to take the brunt of the criticism, and possibly take the fall for what really looks like politicization of the use of American names in intelligence reports.  But didn’t she serve at the pleasure of former President Obama as National Security Advisor? Surely, she needed to get permission from somewhere before unmasking the names of American citizens.

      Loretta Lynch, Former Attorney General, Obama Administration

    2. Loretta Lynch – The Obama administration’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch is a Black woman who looks positively terrified every time she is out in front of the media.  She had to answer for the meeting in the plane on the tarmac with Bill Clinton which happened days before the FBI decided they wouldn’t bring any charges against Hillary Clinton regarding her use of a private e-mail server.  She sure knew how to pass the buck on that one though, leaving now former FBI head James Comey holding that hot potato.  And recently she’s gone on YouTube telling people to “resist.”
    3. Maxine Waters – They call her “Auntie Maxine.”  Apparently she’s the

      Maxine Waters, CA 43rd District U.S. Representative

      new darling and face of the Democratic party, fighting on the front lines, defending former President Obama’s legacy, and calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment.  But she’s left holding the bag, as recently, many high up in the Democratic party did polling and realized that calls for impeachment are unpopular and they’ve stopped beating that drum.  But not Auntie Maxine.  And because she’s on the front line, you can bet Republicans are asking questions like what’s the deal with all the money her daughter’s getting paid to work for her?  Did she divert funds to her husband’s bank One United Bank through legislative action, and you know, small corruption questions like that (not really small).


      Donna Brazile, former CNN Contributor, Interim DNC Chair


    4. Donna Brazile – This former CNN Correspondent and interim DNC Chair recently admitted to giving Hillary Clinton questions ahead of debates with Donald Trump.  Now you know that if the tables had been turned every single person on the left would be yelling “Trump should be disqualified for that!”  Why did Hillary Clinton get to start far ahead along the track during this race?  It looks to me like maybe Clinton’s side thought she wouldn’t be able to compete without help.  That sounds pretty sexist to me.  And guess what?  CNN totally threw Brazile under the bus, and she became the fall guy they fired when word got out she’d helped Clinton cheat during the debates.  To add insult to injury, word is that after the Matt Lauer non-debate debate, Clinton went nuclear on just about everyone nearby afterward and called Brazile a “brain dead buffalo.”  I mean, is it because her skin is brown? Sounds kinda racist.
    5. Cheryl Mills – Cheryl is a Clinton attorney and Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff.  She was also a

      Clinton Attorney, Former Hillary Clinton Chief of Staff

      witness that the FBI interviewed regarding the e-mail scandal … and… she was allowed to be present as her attorney during Hillary Clinton’s interview with the FBI … yet she was a witness … yet… you get my point.  That’ pretty fishy.  Judicial Watch considers her to be the Clintons’ cover-up expert.  My guess? She’ll be another fall guy when push comes to shove.

To me, the color of their skin is irrelevant when it comes down to the actions of these women and who or what they choose to defend.  And I don’t care that they may be used as fall guys or possibly pushed to become the face of Democrat scandals.   They’re big girls, I’m sure they knew what they were getting themselves into at some point.  If they are the best spokespeople to handle these scandals, then God bless them.  My point is that for a party and political ideology that talks about caring for and protecting people of color (which sounds just a little racist too, doesn’t it?  I mean, can’t we protect ourselves?), why are they so quick to put these Black women front and center to answer for the scandals?  It’s their words we’ll be parsing when trouble hits the fan, and they may very well be the ones going to jail if evidence of wrongdoing ever makes it to a court of law and convictions happen.  That doesn’t seem very protective or caring to me.  All I’m saying is that the left should live up to the same standards they put on the right.