The Birthday Gift

The Birthday Gift StillMy son Beau turns 10 years old today.  I’m a proud mommy, and a little biased about his greatness, I admit.  But for his 10th birthday Beau is releasing his debut film that he starred in, produced, wrote and edited called “The Birthday Gift.”  It’s a movie that I shot on my Android cell phone when he turned 8 years old.  For that birthday his dad Chavel, baby brother Benjamin, and I went with Beau to Santa Monica.  We planned to hit the beach and visit the famous Santa Monica Pier, but first we wanted to stop for lunch at the Promenade.  After lunch we talked about birthdays and how fun it is to celebrate them.  And like any young boy he was excited about the gifts he’d get.  His dad Chavel and I talked with him about that, and how in life, we should also be excited to give.  Together we discussed how he could give on his birthday.  The result turned into “The Birthday Gift.”

Our goal with Beau’s film debut on his 10th birthday is to give you the gift of a smile and a desire to pass along the lesson he learned on his 8th birthday.