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Five Alleged Gang Members Charged with Attempted Murder and Carjacking

Five individuals have been charged for possible gang-related violence.

On March 26, around 6 p.m. a pregnant woman in Sunland was ambushed by three men while parking her car. The attackers—Christian Reyes, 20; Andrew Bran, 19; Jesus Morales, 18—are alleged to be gang members and are believed to have acted under the direction of and for the benefit of their gang. 

The victim was stabbed multiple times by Reyes who then fled in the victim’s car along with Bran and Morales. As they fled they crashed into other vehicles. Two more accomplices—Christian Luna, 24, and Monica Gomez, 25—waited nearby in a getaway vehicle during the attack.

Reyes, Bran, Morales, Luna, and Gomez have been charged with one count each of willful and deliberate premeditated murder, carjacking, second-degree robbery, and a misdemeanor charge of hit-and-run that resulted in injury. Reyes faces an additional allegation of personal use of a deadly and dangerous weapon and one count of aggravated mayhem.

Bail has been set at $1.9 million for Reyes and $1.4 million for the other defendants. If convicted the five face a maximum sentence of life in state prison.